OMG! These are the most amazing products ever! They are durable, easy to use, and in ultra-modern packaging that screams appeal, uniqueness & individuality. It’s great to see something on the Ostomy market that does what it actually stipulates!

Product review – Philip

Cannot describe how good this amazing product is! I have got samples of the Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals and I find them brilliant with my convex bags.

Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals – Alice

The extenders have literally changed my life. I was extremely allergic to every other extender product and they would peel off at the edges. The Genii™ Flange Extender not only agrees with my skin, I can also manipulate it to work with my belly button. They do not peel at the edges and I can re-stick them if I need to.

Genii™ Flange Extenders – Susannah

I’ve just tried a sample of the Genii™ Ostomy Seals and I am amazed at how much easier they are to use than the ones I’m currently using, which seem to stick to everything except where they’re supposed to, rip, and I have to cut off the excess when I’ve tried to get as close to my stoma as I can. Genii™ Ostomy Seals keep thier shape and don’t rip, and go on so easily.

Genii™ Ostomy Seals – Annie

Wow! I had a tube of the Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel and all I can say is amazing. My surgical site is great now with no soreness, no leaks and what an amazing product.

Silken review – Carol

The Trio Adhesive Remover is one of the best I’ve used. Only need a few sprays to remove the appliance.

Elite review – John

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Trio Elisse Barrier Film. It’s easily the best of these type of products that I’ve tried. It’s soothing and protective, and also makes my bag stick better to the skin. It’s really changed my life for the better, and the lady who encouraged me to try it was very kind.

Elisse review – Grace