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skin’s new best friend


For the first time ever, Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional hydrocolloids. A world first, its patented silicone blend has been engineered to mimic the skin’s natural ability to manage moisture. This protects the skin and creates a natural environment for it to remain healthy. Unlike hydrocolloids, Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® doesn’t retain bodily fluids so it doesn’t break down or damage skin during wear time and upon removal.

Instead, Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® allows skin to breathe and prevents breakdown of peristomal skin. Its smart adhesive means that it sticks firmly, reducing the risk of skin-stripping and MARSI on removal. This means increased wear time, reduced cost and, most importantly, the chance for your patient to enjoy a life without compromise.


The table below shows the difference between Trio’s Responsive Silicone® technology and traditional hydrocolloid adhesives:

Provide complete protection with no gaps and exposed skinAlways has gaps of unprotected skin around the stoma. Does not move in and out with the stoma during peristalsisMimics the movement of the stoma and never leaves gaps of unprotected skin
Instant AdhesionPoor instant adhesion due to non-adhesive hydrocolloid fillers used in final compositionInstant adhesion due to low surface energy and high flexibility of silicone polymers
Ease of removal and reduction in damage and ‘skin stripping’Adhesion increases over time due to the adhesive matrix flowing into skin (non – cross-linked polymer)No significant change in adhesion over time (cross-linked polymer)
HygienicAbsorbs faeces and urineNon-absorbent but breathable to moisture
Clean removal (no residue)Breaks down in the presence of faeces and urineMaintains integrity and shape in the presence of faeces and urine allowing for one piece removal –leaves no residue


Find the perfect solution for your needs before you buy!


Find the perfect solution for your needs before you buy!


    • Hi thanks for your comment. Well basically every ostomy company manufactures products from Hydrocolloid and they have multiple problems such as melting, residue, allergic reactions, skin striping etc… contributing to what published data shows- today 50% of all ostomy patients have skin disorder. A different solution is therefore required to address these issues and reduce the incidence of skin disorders. Silicone ostomy products are a different tool that our patients demonstrate every day works to provide a better solution for them.

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